Trust the best, fit the best

We are proud to introduce a range of  Mercedes-Benz Original Tyres to our current product offering.This new range consists of Mercedes-Benz Original Tyres, including run-flats. You can now enjoy the convenience of changing your tyres when you visit any one of our selected dealerships nationwide.

Why Mercedes-Benz Original Tyres?

• Selected specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles; to work with the suspension and handling of your vehicle, MO tyres improve driving dynamics.
• Because we promise the perfect fit. This allows us to select the ideal tyre for your vehicle, offering improved comfort for you and your passengers, while also reducing road noise.
• The assurance of Mercedes-Benz expertise and experience.

What are Run-Flat Tyres?

The most popular development in the tyre industry is the creation of run-flat tyres. As the name suggests, these tyres allow you to continue to drive safely even when air-pressure has dropped.

This greatly reduces your risk of an accident caused by a flat tyre and is safer as you don’t need to stop to change a flat tyre. It is recommended that you check the tyre for any clearly visible damage and do not exceed 80km/h. 

With a partially laden car travel distance should not exceed 80km and a maximum distance of 30km with a fully laden car. Driving distance may be effected by extreme driving conditions, such as speed, road surface and temperatures.

What is the Mercedes-Benz value proposition when it comes to the tyre service offering?

• We guarantee to offer you a range of tyres that has the Genuine Parts approval.
• We offer expert tyre fitment from our qualified technicians.
• We offer you our tyre range at a competitive price.

What do MO and MOE mean?

• MO – Mercedes Original
• MOE – Mercedes Original Extended/Run-flat

What do I do if Continental or Pirelli Tyres no longer produces the tyre I have fitted to my vehicle?

Like vehicles, tyres also have a life cycle and continuous technological developments takes place. We recommend that you ask the tyre dealer for advice on what to use as a replacement tyre.