Interior Care.

In top form inside as well.

Fabrics, plastics or leather: the interior of your Mercedes is outfitted with high-quality materials from the dashboard all the way to the back of the rear compartment. To ensure that you always feel at ease in these surroundings, a series of Mercedes-Benz genuine car care products has been created. And care has been taken not only to ensure a pleasant-looking, comfortable environment, but a safe one as well. Because windscreen and windows have to provide an unimpeded view of the road and the surroundings, both in freezing cold and singeing heat.

With the special Mercedes-Benz care products this is clearly guaranteed in every situation. You can rely upon it: all the products have been created in line with the specific requirements of your Mercedes – whether for the interior, or for the exterior, for summer or for winter. Thanks to the use of selected raw materials, a result is ensured that is both particularly effective and sustainable, but at the same time gentle on materials and on the environment.

Hint: From time to time the seat belts should be cleaned too, as heavy soiling can prevent correct rolling up. Do not use chemical cleaners as they could damage the fabric, and allow the belt to dry completely before rolling it up again.