Paintwork Care.

For brilliant value conservation.

At the very first glance it determines the looks of your car: the paintwork. Mercedes-Benz care helps you to keep it impeccable and undamaged. Because the outer protective layer of the vehicle is endangered by climatic conditions and other external influences. For instance bird lime. Pancreatin, an enzyme contained in it, attacks even the most resistant paint after a very short time. If a soiled car is parked for a longer period of time in the sun, the effect is intensified by its drying out.

In this and in many other cases the timely application of Mercedes-Benz genuine care products will help. With these, paintwork and chrome elements are restored to their true brilliance over and over again. And above all: the visual value and thus resale value of your Mercedes are retained for a long time. Because you can also rely on preventive conservation and optimum corrosion protection – in exceptional Mercedes-Benz quality.

Hint: When cleaning and polishing, a great amount of pressure is exerted on relatively small areas. Proceed with extreme caution here in order not to scour through the base paint coat.